I am an enchanting coupling of seductive oppositions-- sweet and sadistic, nurturing and cruel, sultry and sophisticated. Domination is My passion and My craft, and we will find mutual delight in your lustful, desperate ensnarement. As a skilled professional and experienced lifestyle player, I delight in a broad range of deviant erotic expression--from the more sensual aspects of power exchange, to intense sadomasochism. I am at once a strict disciplinarian, an irresistible and unattainable temptress, a sensual and decadent Goddess, and a cruel humiliatrix. I create scenes that push your limits, transcend the daily, and take you to new heights. I revel in mining your psyche, and My verbal prowess is My most powerful torture implement. In the theater of your dark desires, I will ignite a flame and strip you of your mask.

I posses a biting wit and an artist's intuition; My skills in the arts of pleasure and pain are an expression of My immense creativity. I am a passionate pervert, unabashed sensualist and refined hedonist.  Both the experienced submissive and the dedicated novice are welcome in My dungeon if they are prepared to be transformed through complete subjection and abasement.

 Are you ready to be tonight's prey?